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Christopher Wiesmueller’s reviews

     4.5 stars 4 total

Review Christopher Wiesmueller
  • Zealous Advocate

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    Chris was my attorney on a criminal case. He is aggressive when you need him to be, but willing to negotiate a plea too. He is an outstanding trial lawyer, and truly a brilliant legal mind. I would recommend him to anyone! Chris has your back.

  • Mr. Wiesmueller got the results I was looking for.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    I had the opportunity to work with Mr. Wiesmueller twice.
    He is very professional, friendly and prompt.
    He gets down to every last detail, and kept me informed of each step of my case.
    I recommended him to a good friend who also hired him, and I would recommend him to more.

  • Political ambitions and other issues cloud an excellent legal mind.

    2.0 stars

    Posted by Matthew

    I retained Attorney Wiesmueller's spouse and law partner, Corrine for my divorce representation. Corrine handed many issues of my case over to Christopher during my representation. I met with Christopher informally once while dropping off paperwork, and formally once to handle negotiations for a temporary order.

    The temporary order that Atty. Christopher Wiesmueller wrote was specific, timely, and detailed, and I appreciated the work.

    Atty. Wiesmueller seems very knowledgeable about the law. I felt that his legal advice was excellent.

    I do think that his style is confrontational, and wasn't necessarily suited to my case when my estranged spouse and I were largely amicable. His style may be perfect for a criminal case, but not family law.

    I felt he was more interested in complaining about the tactics of opposing counsel than he was on my case.

    I wasn't aware at the time I retained the firm that Atty. Wiesmueller was publicly reprimanded by the Wisconsin Office of Lawyer Regulation on November 1, 2013. This public reprimand also notes a private reprimand from the same office given to Atty. Wiesmueller in 2012. Atty. Wiesmueller has political intentions and had a failed run for city attorney in Waukesha in 2014. His public reprimand also indicates that he's worked extensively with the Republican party.

    I believe that Atty. Wiesmueller is an intelligent and knowledgeable attorney. If I were in a criminal situation, I may want him on my side. However, I believe that the public reprimand and the political ambitions would guide me to someone who has a focus solely on the client and not advancing his or her career.

    Christopher L. Wiesmueller’s response: “Well, while I would love to tell you exactly what I think of this client or the problems involved in his situation, I am barred from doing so. Our ethics requires attorneys generally to accept all public criticism. However, as noted in his post, I was not his actual lawyer, in part because I was running for Waukesha city attorney at the time, after having not been involved in politics for 5 years.”
  • outstanding and excellent defense lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by gtg

    I had Christopher Wiesmueller as a defense attorney in Waukesha County. Mr. Wiesmueller is a complete and total professional. I have observed many lawyers in court and can tell you there is not always a level of care, concern and there is lack of professionalism among some lawyers, that is not the case with Mr. Wiesmueller. Mr. Wisemueller is a lawyer who puts his clients first. He knows his job and the law as well as he knows the workings of the Waukesha court system. He is readily available for his clients I have found him working well into the evening if it is what it takes for his client and also if he can’t take your call he returns it very fast. Mr. Wiesmueller is very detail oriented right down to the little stuff most clients don’t think of and with a lawyer like Mr. Wiesmueller a client has nothing to worry about because Mr. Wiesmueller will take care of everything. As he once told me it is his job to take care of the worries for me. As my lawyer I have the highest level of trust and confidence in Mr. Wiesmueller. If someone finds himself or herself in trouble with the law in Waukesha County you can not get a better lawyer to stand by you than Christopher Wiesmueller.