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Anthony D. Cotton

Anthony Cotton’s Legal Guides

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  • Federal Drug Conspiracy

    Federal drug conspiracies seem to be the most frequently prosecuted case by the United States Attorney's Office in the Eastern District of Wisconsin. If you have been indicted, or suspect that you may be under investigation, it is critical to secure legal representation. Upon bei...

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  • I Have a Marijuana Charge in Milwaukee

    Some years ago (back when Mayor Norquist was around), Milwaukee announced that it would decriminalize marijuana possession. The idea, on the surface, was that marijuana possession of less than an ounce would be handled by way of citation, as opposed to criminal charges. Despite t...

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  • How Newly Discovered Evidence Can Impact Your Conviction

    You Have Been Convicted/Waived Your Revocation Hearing Whether you have been convicted of a crime or waived your right to a final revocation hearing, an important question exists if newly discovered

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  • General Procedure for Felony Cases in Wisconsin

    The Arrest Typically, on felony matters, a person is arrested and brought to the police station. On misdemeanor offenses, and even some felonies, you may receive a summons to appear at a court date.

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  • The Typical Traffic Stop

    The Vehicle Comes to the Attention of the Police An officer needs reasonable suspicion to stop a vehicle. Reasonable suspicion is some evidence that would cause an ordinary officer to believe that cr

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  • What to Do If You Have Been Accused of a Sex Crime in Wisconsin

    You're Been Accused You will know when you have been accused of any type of sex offense. Typically, someone has made an allegation and the police want to determine whether the allegation is founded.

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  • How to Handle Probation Violations in Wisconsin

    Your agent has taken you into custody As a preliminary matter, if your agent suspects you of violating your rules of supervision, you may be taken into custody. Typically, you will be initially house

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