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Kimberly Buttram’s reviews

     3.5 stars 2 total

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  • Highly Recommended

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tom

    She handled my custody matter excellently. I felt that she really cared for the best interest of my kids. She was able to keep the focus on the kids even though my ex's attorney wanted to drag it down into a dogfight over every little thing. I have recommended her already to several people.

  • Good start, Poor Finish

    2.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    She has a good personality, therefore easy to talk to. You'll feel comfortable right away. Although, I struggled with a few things; 1) her lack of sympathy for me the client, 2) her thoroughness, and 3) her negotiation skills.

    1) Example: I had to pay abnormally high child support at the onset of the divorce talks. She brushed it off like no big deal. I felt it was unfounded.

    2) I would mention many things that were important to me in negotiations, she would remember a few.

    3) I negotiated more than she did with my ex-wife's lawyer.

    In the end, I felt like my ex-wife's attorney did a better job.

    Kimberly Anne Buttram’s response: “If a client has a problem with my style, I happily refer them to another attorney. There is no "abnormally high" child support - in Wisconsin it is set by statute as a percentage of gross income. There is rarely anything to negotiate. I understand that some people do not want to pay child support, but only in a few instances does the court deviate from the percentage standard, and I'm sure this was not one of them or I would have taken it to a hearing instead of agreeing at a settlement conference. I do not hide the fact that I feel mediation and collaborative law are preferable over the standard litigation process, especially when dealing with children. At settlement conferences, I let the client speak directly if they choose. Some are comfortable with that and some are not. If the parties have decent communication and can come to an agreement on their own with minimal interference from attorneys it is usually a much more workable agreement over time and results in dramatically less post divorce court proceedings. If "anonymous" had problems with my representation, it would have been nice for him to contact me directly with his concerns, especially while the case was active so I could have referred him to someone else he was more comfortable with.”