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George A. Limbeck

About George Limbeck

About me

I was born and raised on the West Coast where I lived in Seattle, WA and Newport Beach, CA. My family moved to Wisconsin when I was 15 in 1976. I then lived in St. Paul MN for 4 years of college (Macalester College) and 3 years in St. Louis MO for law school (Washington University School of Law). Since returning to Wisconsin after Law School I settled down in Sheboygan and have had my principal office in Sheboygan County from the beginning.


Not only have I spent the past 26+ years as a criminal defense attorney, I have participated as a lecture/teacher at seminars for social workers, police, prosecutors and medical personnel. From my first year in law school to today, I have worked with the Missouri and Wisconsin High School Mock Trial Programs as a coach, judge and regional tournament coordinator.



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