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Milwaukee Deputy Sheriffs' Association, Mark Zidek and Ilir Sino v. David A. Clarke, Jr., Edward Bailey and Milwaukee County

Case Conclusion Date: 12.04.2009

Practice Area: Constitutional

Outcome: District Court affirmed

Description: Milwaukee County violated the First Amendment Rights of deputy sheriffs by allowing a representative of a Christian peer support group to speak at mandatory employee meetings. The ruling affirms that a sheriff cannot force members of the department to set through a religious presentation. The ruling is a strong reaffirmation of religious liberty. The ruling affirmed that a government's actions violates the establishment clause of the constitution if it has any of the following characteristics: a non-secular purpose; the principal or primary affect of advancing or inhibiting religion; or fostering excessive government entanglement with religion. The ruling was a victory for each individual deputy and the Milwaukee Deputy Sheriffs' Association.

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