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Maxwell Charles Livingston

Maxwell Livingston’s Legal Guides

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  • When to bypass mediation

    Sometimes, it's better to proceed straight to court. While mediation should be encouraged almost all the time, there are instances in which it's better to avoid mediation.

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  • When to Proceed to Mediation

    In this guide, I list reasons to go to mediation first. While participating in mediation does not prevent participants from going to court later, it offers them a chance to resolve disputes earlier on. Furthermore, it empowers them through leading to more beneficial and creative terms.

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  • How to Avoid Medical Malpractice Liability

    This guide will shield doctors and other professionals from liability for malpractice. It focuses on what pitfalls to avoid, in preventing battery-based or negligence-based suits. Battery is a touching without consent, while negligence requires breach of a duty, causing cognizable harm.

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