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Shelley A. Kester

Shelley Kester’s Legal Guides

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  • What are the Best Interest of the Child Factors

    722.23 Best interests of the child defined. Best interests of the child means the sum total of the following factors to be considered, evaluated, and determined by the court: (a) The love, affection, and other emotional ties existing between the parties involved and the child....

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  • What is Collaborative Divorce

    A Collaborative Divorce uses the legal system to legally dissolve a marriage. But, instead of working through the traditional adversarial system, the husband and wife each retain an attorney who has had Collaborative Divorce training before the case is started. Before either spo...

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  • Top 10 Tips For Your Custody Case

    Let 'What's Best For Your Kids' Be The Guide To Your Behavior. During the course of your case, you may find yourself wondering how you should handle a situation with your co-parent. When in doubt -

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