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Peter Michael Kulas

Peter Kulas’s Legal Guides

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  • Spousal support: Deciding between modifiable and non-modifiable

    The decision whether to make spousal support non-modifiable is one of the most critical decisions the parties and their attorneys will make regarding spousal support in finalizing a divorce case.

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  • Are Antenuptial Agreements valid in Michigan?

    Antenuptial agreements are valid under Michigan law, and persons who enter intosuch agreements are bound by their terms. MCL 557.28; In re Irwins Estate, 335 Mich 143,55 NW2d 769 (1952). Antenuptial agreements made in contemplation of divorce as well as incontemplation of death a...

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  • What are the factors the court considers for Spousal Support?

    Eleven factors are considered in determining whether spousal support should be awarded. They are not codified in statute but have been derived from caselaw. The court must make findings on each factor relevant to a particular spousal support claim.

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  • Establish Paternity in Michigan

    This general guide is to assist you in the different ways you can establish paternity in Michigan.

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  • What is Required to Modify Parenting Time?

    When a court is considering modifying parenting time the terms must be in the best interests of the child. Under MCL 722.23, the Best Interest of the Child means the sum total of the following factors to be considered, evaluated, and determined by the court:(a) The love, affectio...

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  • What is income for child support?

    Income Does Include Wages, including all actual overtime, commissions and bonuses 2.01(C)(1); Self-employment/business income 2.01(C)(2) (past, present or future average if irregular); Military pay 2.01(C)(4); Tips, gratuities, royalties, interest (incl on gifts/inher, 2.01(H))...

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  • Divorce FAQs

    Michigan Divorce FAQs How long does it take to get divorced in Michigan? If there are no children involved, a divorce may be granted in 60 days. When children are involved, a divorce cannot be granted until six months have passed. It should be stressed that these are minimum st...

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