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Michael Joseph Haskell

Michael Haskell’s reviews

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  • Highly recommended

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Anne

    Knowledgeable and considerate, an example of professionalism, Mr. Haskell has shown that he is an attorney of the highest caliber. He listens firsts, then offers his advice and assistance. He is mindful of the situation and status of the case. He is knowledgeable and has great experience. He is an example of a fine attorney.

    Consulted attorney
  • Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Mike was very insightful about the case and the needs of his client. He was easy to work with and encouraged alternate dispute resolution.

    Consulted attorney
  • Highly Recommended

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Mr. Haskell is extremely articulate, direct, and to the point. Judges appreciate attorneys like Mike. He has no fear and that's what you want in an attorney. Even after we parted ways due to geographical issues, he continues to remain engaged in my case. You will not regret choosing Mr. Haskell - he will represent you very well.

    Michael Joseph Haskell’s response: “Thank you for this. I wish we were closer!”
  • Enforcement

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    My divorce was final months ago, but because of poor representation the first time around, there were ambiguities in the Judgment and areas that needed to be re-addressed. My former attorney did not understand me -- the relationship I had had with my ex (despite my explanation and documentation) eluded him. Therefore, he proceeded to negotiate amicably, rather than advocate for me to the extent I needed and deserved (after years of affairs and lies on the part of my ex). I knew no difference at the time -- the legal world was all new to me. In the months following my divorce, my ex was not following the terms of the JOD. The patterns of stalling, threatening, and coercing, that had affected my marriage for over a decade, continued. I was still on the mortgage of the house -- that my ex is living in, with his long-time girlfriend there often. He was not paying the kids' medical bills that were in my name, and he was behind on both child and spousal support. In the divorce, I had been convinced into amicably opting out of friend of the court, so my only recourse was to hope to find an effective attorney to enforce the JOD. I did not know where to turn, except the internet and phone books!

    Thankfully, in good timing, I heard about Mike through a friend who knew him and knew my predicament. My friend had told Mike my story, and Mike had responded with confidence that he could help. I read his reviews and met with him. I trusted him easily, as I needed help and felt desperate. He did not take advantage of my vulnerability. He was very supportive and encouraging, yet direct, honest, and straightforward. His straight-shooting was paired with a sensitivity and understanding, which I needed throughout this stressful time. He seemed to understand the nature of the situation very quickly.

    Mike advocated for me to an extent I didn't realize was even possible. He has been successful in recovering parenting time that was originally, unfairly lost in the language of the JOD. He recovered thousands in arrearages through a check written IN COURT by my ex, and I am guaranteed most of my attorney fees (we have one more hearing left to tie up loose ends). I will soon be off of my mortgage, and free to move on in life. Additionally, he skillfully illustrated to the court, on the record, the nature of my relationship with my ex and the characters of the two parties, thereby setting me up for future success in recovering what I deserve. The judge clearly respects Mike thanks to his skillful advocacy and an applied thorough knowledge of the law. The only regret I have at this time regarding Mike, is that I wish I had hired him two years ago!

    Michael Joseph Haskell’s response: “Thank you for your kind words. It's been a privilege to be able to help you.”
  • The Desired Lawer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Prenuptials client

    Through multiple sessions I have had with the counciling from Mike Haskell, I found a strong desired presence of his hard work, self worth, pronouned empathy and the willingness to serve his clients as if you were a family member. He has delivered everytime for me and has created a trusted bond upon knowing he will advocate and represent the attorney of desired outcomes. I would highly recommend this successful, hard working individual to anyone in need for I will always be thankful upon his boastful contributions. Thank you for all you have done!

  • Hire Mike, he is by far the best and smartest.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Pat

    Mike is a very good lawyer, with a good knowledge of strategy and the law. I have worked with other lawyers, and Mike is by far, the best.

    Michael Joseph Haskell’s response: “Thank you!”
  • High Integrity, Solution-Oriented & Professional - Highly Recommended

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Stephanie

    Not only have I sought legal counsel from Mr. Haskell, I have referred him to friends and colleagues as well. If I'm going to offer a referral, it is a reflection of my own personal standards thus they are very hard earned with me.

    Over several years, Mr. Haskell has continually exceeded my high expectations. He is prompt in responding to me even outside of traditional office hours, is thorough in his questioning as to be clear on the depth of an issue, has always been expeditious in delivering updates, and is very honest - even when he has had to tell me what I don't want to hear. Mr. Haskell is explicitly clear in his communication and offers exceptional insight on case law as to encourage my own knowledge building. Most of all, he is fair, ethical, and reasonable. When working with Mike, I have never experienced a feeling doubt, something I have found to be common amongst other lawyers. It's encouraging to know that I am in good hands when working with him. Just as importantly, I am thrilled to share that everyone I have referred Mr. Haskell is equally satisfied. Outcomes regularly exceed expectations.

    I intend to continue referring Mr. Haskell to those in need of superb legal services and will undoubtedly maintain his services as needed. He's truly exceptional and highly recommended.

  • Very Disappointed

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    I retained Mike for 5K. He promptly let his paralegal go and never hired another. When contacted, Mike was often out of state, in CA, or working on other cases. I believe Mike was overwhelmed with handling all the duties normally done by a paralegal, in addition to his regular work.

    Mike filed no documents with the court on my behalf. Not one. All I needed was for him to file a contempt motion against the mother of my child, and then represent me in court.

    Mike neglected to file a change of attorney form, though I asked him to do so. I believe this was intentional. Mike assured me that 5K would be sufficient to file a motion, and appear on my behalf.

    It took Mike over a month to review the documents with which I supplied him. I have documentation that proves this..

    I communicated with Mike for 5 months about relevant developments pertaining to my case. After 5 months without any motions filed, I finally asked how much of my retainer was left. Mike replied with an email showing that the initial 5K retainer was spent, and I now owed over $4000 for "all the communication", in addition to the retainer amount. Mike explained that he was charging me a total of over $9,000 for "reading emails", reading other "documents pertaining to my case", 'talking to 'experts'', and "doing research" over 5 months of time.

    In order for him to file a motion and appear, I was told by Mike he would need another $5,000.
    In total, Mike was requiring close to $15,000 to do what he assured me he would accomplish for $5,000 in our initial meeting.

    I attempted to reason with him saying "if he had acted on my behalf sooner, there would not have been an opportunity for all the communication for which I was charged". Mike became very defensive and adversarial in his communication when I imparted this to him.

    I spent significant time directing Mike to documents at his request. These documents had already been given to him in the form of a thumb drive, and in the form of a binder complete with a table of contents, so any document could be easily found.

    Nevertheless, I was charged for Mike to make these requests, and charged for my responses to these requests, though Mike should have been able to find any of the requested document easily, as he had them in both digital and paper form.

    I wasted a few weeks contacting experts, under Mike's direction, that Mike seemed to be unfamiliar with, as they could not do the type of evaluations Mike insisted that I needed.

    I was charged for corresponding with Mike when following up with him to tell him the experts I was directed to, by him, could not do what Mike was asking.

    I felt that during the few telephone conversations we had, Mike kept me on the phone longer than was necessary, regardless of my attempts to shorten the conversation, in order to run the clock.

    When I finally begged Mike to file a motion and appear in court on my behalf, he insisted that I allow him to put a lien on my house and implied he would do nothing for me if I did not. He then quickly became adversarial in his correspondence when I refused to put a lien on my house.

    I finally severed the attorney client relationship, secured another attorney, and had a court date within a month. I paid under 7K for TWO appearances with another attorney, rather than 15K, with Mike, for one appearance.

    Michael Joseph Haskell’s response: “Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to respond to this story because 1) the person does not identify him or herself, and 2) regardless of who the author is, the statements are all false. Furthermore, I still have an obligation to protect my former clients, even if it is from him or herself, which I believe is the case in this situation. Even if I knew with certainty who the author was, I would avoid discussing why each allegation is false, because I believe it would severely prejudice him/her in his/her current legal dispute. Therefore, I will not address the allegations in this story with specificity, even at cost to my professional reputation. I would simply caution the author regarding two things a) libel is an actionable offense, and b) it appears to me that, if you were indeed a client, you have waived attorney/client privilege on all the topics you specifically list here, regardless of whether your text is fact or fiction. In other words, should your opponent read this, and send discovery to me, I do not believe our conversations would be protected. Consequently, I would encourage the author to contact my offices to see if something can be worked out regarding any dispute, as I believe it may be in his or her best interest.”

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tom

    In May of 2013 Mike Haskell was recommended to me through a friend. I previously had a consultation with another attorney regarding my decision to file for Divorce and Custody of my son. Let me say that from my first conversation with Mike I knew he was different and the right person to represent my son and I. Working with Mike for months I never thought he didn't have everything under control. I never felt misled or never got the feeling he was in it for the money. Through these months there were things that came up and Mike was quick and ready to act. On most occasions he knew what was coming before the defense did. Mike was always 100% honest. He would answer all questions honestly no matter if it was good or bad and explain everything top to bottom. The most important thing of all is that Mike was always inclined to do what was right for my son.

    If you want an attorney with outstanding communication skills, judgment, interpersonal skills, analytical skills, and perseverance you have come to the right man. Hire Mike, sit back, and watch a MASTER at his craft.

    Michael Joseph Haskell’s response: “Thank you! It has been a pleasure.”

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Privacy client

    During a very difficult and lengthy harassment issue, Mike remained unwaveringly professional and truly showed compassion for me as a client.

    When a former relationship ended, the other party took to verbal harassment, cyber stalking, and emotional abuse. Mike was always readily available and ensured I felt my case was a priority at all times. I give him complete credit for my ability to now live without fear of an enraged ex-boyfriend.

    I would recommend him for any legal issues, as I know, without doubt, he would give every case his complete attention, dedication, professionalism, and personal compassion.