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Joseph W. Vander Horst

Joseph Vander Horst’s Answers

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  • How can i get two of my sons back in my care

    i had a drug problem 2 years ago and lost my 4 kids they are with grandparents but the two older ones will be going back to foster care, i have been clean now for one and a half years and working and going back to school. what can i do to get my k...

    Joseph’s Answer

    You will need to petition the court in the county in which the juvenile/neglect proceedings were held in order to regain custody of your children. You will have to show that pursuant to the 12 best interest of the child factors that it is in the children's best interest to resume a relationship with you. Normally, in the juvenile/neglect area, the Court's goal is to reunify the children with their parents in lieu of any foster care situation.

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  • Is a spouse responsible for a student loan her husband co-signed?

    My husband recently co-signed a student loan for his daughter. If the load goes in default, what are my responsibilities if I did not agree to his being a co-signer?

    Joseph’s Answer

    No, you would not be directly responsible to pay the loan if you did not co-sign the loan, just by virtue of your marriage. There is not privity of contract that you have to repay this debt with the lender.

    If the loan goes into default and your husband is looking for you to repay it, then you would need to contact an attorney.

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