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  • If the state police made me register as a sex offender when i wasnt suppose to could i have a lawsuit against them

    they made me register for about ten years. it was a lot of hassle. i have done jail time on more then one time for failure to register. fined and have that on my record now. it cost me a job that could have been a good career.

    Scott’s Answer

    I wouldn't take the word of the trooper that a mistake was made. Have a criminal defense attorney review your original CSC case so you can determine what your reporting requirements in fact were. That should be your first step before determining if you can sue.

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  • I have a retail fraud 3rd degree on my background and concerned about it on a background.

    I am assuming that when a background check is ran it will come up. I am wondering what info it says, like date and what happened. And how to address it if a potential employer asks about it. I know it's my fault and I have to handle it but I don...

    Scott’s Answer

    Check out your criminal record using the link below to get some idea of the information that is available.

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  • I am being charged for retail fraud and dont know what i did. I was never talked to by store security or questioned by police.

    i received a letter stating i was involved in a incident at walmart a month after the supposed incident. They want me to pay no more than 200 dollars 30'days from the date of the letter. Before the 30 days were up i get a arrainment letter for ret...

    Scott’s Answer

    You need to hire an attorney ASAP and not talk to anyone about this in the meantime.

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  • Cops taking down name instead of giving citation for friend smoking pot

    My friend got cought smoking weed last night by cops they took down hisname dob height weight and address what's going to happen

    Scott’s Answer

    Like attorney Brinkmeier mentioned, it's hard to determine what, if anything, they plan on doing with that information.

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  • 43 yr. old stay at home mom with no criminal activity what so ever in her past, charged with retail fraud for groceries.

    do I need an attorney at my arraignment or should I just plead guilty? The state cop told me that if I plead guilty and because of having no record what so ever and because I was so cooperative that he doesn't think they would put me in jail if I...

    Scott’s Answer

    Don't take the advice of the police- they aren't looking out for your best interest. You really need to hire an attorney to have the best chance at a positive outcome in your case.

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  • Is there a website on Lawyers creditability?

    Isn't there a Lawyer referral website referencing the creditability of lawyers. Rather they have been disbarred or continue to be in good standing. The discipline board? This is for the State of Michigan.

    Scott’s Answer

    Attorney Janks is correct. I have provided a link to the Attorney Discipline Board's searchable database.

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  • I was advised to get a consumers attorney

    Where do I find one in Midland mi 48640

    Scott’s Answer

    Use Avvo's attorney finder tool or contact:
    Midland County Bar Asosciation
    Jonathan E. Lauderbach
    222 N Saginaw Rd
    Midland, MI 48640-3330
    Phone: (989) 698-3701
    Vice President
    W. Jay Brown, Midland
    Ann J. Horowitz, Midland
    Sara J. Eastman, Midland

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  • Would private attorney be too costly since evidence is so great?

    The charges are attempted murder and drive-by shooting. The evidence is the victim's call to 911 describing the shooter, a surveillance video of the shooting, and the shooter's statement made at time of arrest. This person lives on a disability in...

    Scott’s Answer

    Has the person in question actually spoken with a private attorney? Many criminal defense attorneys offer free consultations. Use Avvos's tools to find one in your area and see what their opinion is of the case.

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  • Please make an offer for the basic information of the case provided , if prevailing can get about ??compensation

    Beijing Forbidden City film co., LTD. A TV series of New Tang Dynasty Television without legal authorization in August - September 2013, this TV show filming costs about 10 million. Need to invite an agent in New York U.S. stands for ...

    Scott’s Answer

    Like attorney Rothstein mentioned this is likely a scam, and you aren't going to get any other type of answer from an attorney on here.

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