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Joshua Marlin Covert

About Joshua Covert

About me


Joshua M. Covert focuses his practices on criminal law, especially medical marijuana and the defense of those charged with driving while impaired by medical marijuana and other drugs.


As a member of the Nichols Law Firm, Mr. Covert co-counseled a DUI 2nd trial where the jury returned a verdict of not guilty.   The verdict was the result of hard work and preparation which allowed the Nichols Law Firm to illustrate to the jury how the prosecution’s theory of the incident was not believable.  Joshua subpoenaed the general manager of the brewpub and presented information that led the jury to decide that our client’s blood alcohol level was the result of alcohol ingestion that occurred after our client had driven his motorcycle.  The testimony of the general manager was important to ensure that our client’s story was told to the jury.


Mr. Covers also represented a young man charged with offending the minor in possession of alcohol law.  Mr. Covert filed a pretrial motion to suppress illegally obtained evidence and the Judge granted the motion.  The prosecutor would not agree to dismiss the charges and the case proceeded to a jury trial where the jury returned a verdict of not guilty


Mr. Covert has also successfully defended many medical marihuana patients.  He has been able to obtain dismissals under both section 4 and section 8 of the Michigan medical marihuana in both district and circuit court.


Before joining the Nichols Law Firm, Joshua worked on complex medical marijuana issues as a law clerk for Targowski & Grow in Kalamazoo, Michigan. His work there included writing a series of motions and briefs that resulted in marijuana possession charges being dismissed before trial. 


Joshua M. Covert graduated from Thomas M. Cooley law school in 2011 and became a member of the Michigan Bar Association in 2012.  Joshua attended Thomas M. Cooley as an honor scholarship recipient and graduated Cum Laude. Joshua is currently pursuing a L.L.M. from Cooley which has allowed him to develop a curriculum which focuses on criminal law and medical marijuana.  As part of his L.L.M., Joshua co-taught two classes at Thomas M. Cooley Law School.  Mr. Covert is a member of Criminal Defense Lawyers of Michigan (CDAM), and the NORML legal committee (NLC) working to reform marijuana laws. Mr. Covert also recently completed Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) training and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing (SFST) training.  Joshua is also a criminal defense trial college graduate.


Before law school, Joshua grew up in Portage, Michigan and graduated from Portage Northern High School.  During high school Joshua was a member of the football, ski and debate teams. After high school, he then attended and graduated from Northern Michigan University with a degree in Ski Area Business Management.  He then worked for several years in the snow ski industry in many different capacities. 


Mr. Covert is married to Michelle Covert and has two children.  When not working, Joshua enjoys riding bicycles, skiing, backpacking, listening to jazz music and spending time with his family.  


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