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Jeremy R.M. Piper

Jeremy Piper’s Answers

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  • If i bought a house and there ppl living there how do u go about getting them out so i can move in there

    i am on ssi

    Jeremy’s Answer

    You will need to send them a termination of tenancy notice. This would probably be a 30 day notice. A trespasser action will not work. You can obtain a free eviction notice from my website The site also has free leases, rental application, rent income/expense tracking features. For more detailed information feel free to contact me at my office in downtown Flint where we handle the legal needs of 100s of landlords across the state. my office number is 810 235-2558 or toll free 866-517-9888. Good luck, Jeremy Piper, Attorney or The smart site for the savvy landlord

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