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Mark M. Bello

About Mark Bello

About me

Mark Bello and Lawsuit Financial provide legal funding to plaintiffs with pending injury litigation. Mr. Bello is an expert in the field with 35 years combined legal and legal funding experience. Lawsuit funding advice is provided free and all legal finance fees are contingent upon case recovery. The company's friendly and experienced paralegal staff is available to answer all of your questions. Call 1-877-377-SUIT(7848) now for free information. The call is free the advice is priceless. Or, please visit  For interesting blogs on legal funding or other topical legal information, please visit or subscribe to


Mark M. Bello is the CEO of Lawsuit Financial, the litigation funding company.  He has the most combined legal and legal funding experience in the legal finance industry.  After a successful 21 year career as a trial lawyer, Mark ventured into the lawsuit funding business and has become a nationally recognized expert in the field, offering services to plaintiffs and plaintiff trial attorneys in 49 states.


Over the past several years, Mark and his paralegal daughters have developed, in answer to a significant demand from clients, an attorney assisted credit repair and debt resolution law firm.  Clients all over the country are taking advantage of this service and the advantage of debt resolution and credit restoration assisted by a legal representative.  Visit or call, toll free at 1-877-301-2-FIX.

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