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Jeffrey T. Stewart

Jeffrey Stewart’s Legal Guides

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  • SEC Shells Out $50,000 in First Dodd-Frank Whistleblower Case

    Under its new Dodd-Frank whistleblower program, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has issued its first payout of $50,000. The program rewards people who provide the SEC with evidence of securities fraud. The case, in which the SEC did not identify the whistleblower or t...

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  • 4 Criteria to Remember for Doing Business as an LLC

    Limited liability companies have given many small businesses some of the tax advantages and liability protections formerly reserved for corporations. As you conduct business as an LLC, remember to keep the following in mind in order to avoid possible challenges to your LLC standi...

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  • 529 College Savings Plans

    Most parents with college age children will be searching for financial aid this summer because the cost of college is sky rocketing. Most parents with younger children should be saving now to avoid any crisis when their kids are old enough to go to college. 529 Savings Plans can ...

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  • Can I Give Cash Donations to Individuals?

    The current federal gift tax laws allow an individual to give up to $13,000.00 a year in cash or assets tax free to as many people as s/he chooses. Any time a person gives more than $13,000.00 a year he must file a gift tax return for the amount over $13,000.00. So if someone giv...

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