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David E. Christensen

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  • What should I do next?

    Was involved in an auto accident on 12/30/15. I was driving down the road when someone turned in front of me and we hit head-on. I was the only one in my car and the other car only had the driver in it as well. It was not at an intersection. He st...

    David’s Answer

    First, follow through with seeing your doctor within the next week. Notify your insurance company and make sure you make a claim for your no-fault personal protection benefits. If you do not have heatlh insurance, your auto insurer will pay your medical expenses. It will also pay your lost earnings if you can't work, and will pay $20 per day for someone to help with your chores, if you are unable to do them yourself. It sounds like the other driver was at fault. I recommend that you use an attorney that specializes in auto accident cases to pursue a claim for pain and suffering damages rather than trying to do this on your own.

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  • What do I do ?

    I backed into a parked car while backing out of my dad's driveway in St. Clair Shores. The owner came out of his house and I gave him my information. Being there was no damage to my vehicle, and there was a small 3-inch ding in his fender above...

    David’s Answer

    Well, this doesn't look great. The law requires motorists stop and file a police report in any accident that involves damage to a vehicle. Violating this statute is a misdemeanor: this is a crime, not an infraction like a speeding ticket.
    You will need to appear in court to have a chance at avoiding the misdemeanor on your record. You have the option of talking it out with the prosecutor and police officer, and perhaps they will reduce the charge to a less serious infraction that is not a misdemeanor. A clean driving / criminal record will help in this department.
    But, to be as safe as possible, consult an attorney that handles traffic cases.
    You probably do not want to have a criminal record to come out of such a seemingly innocent event, that, unfortunately, does violate Michigan law.

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  • When suing 3rd party car accedent for personal injury what are the 2 terms mean

    What is a case evaluation in a law sue ? And what is settlment conference mean in a law sue? I wanna know what are those 2 terms in a car injury law sue thank you

    David’s Answer

    A case evaluation is a process that every injury lawsuit undergoes. The court appoints three independent attorneys to review your case and they make a recommendation for how much the defendant should pay the plaintiff to settle the case. If both sides agree with the recommendation, then the case settles automatically for the recommended amount of money. If there is no agreement, then the case moves on towards trial. The next step would be a settlement conference with the judge. There the judge will attempt to convince the parties to settle the case. If that fails, then the case will move on toward a trial.

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  • Whats the diffrents between 1st party sue and 3rd party sue on car accedent injury

    Please answer whats the difference

    David’s Answer

    The 3rd party case is a case against the at-fault driver and the owner of that vehicle for damages from the accident.
    The 1st party case is against the responsible no-fault insurer (usually your own insurance company) for coverage of your medical bills, lost wages and some reimbursement for help with household chores that you cannot do because of your injury.
    I would caution you against negotiating your own third party case without the help of an attorney. The insurance company is very experienced and if you are not seasoned in that type of work, you should not attempt this on your own.

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  • What do you do when the IMEs lies in their report.


    David’s Answer

    IME is a mis-nomer for a medical exam by a doctor selected by the insurance and paid for by the insurance company. They work for the insurance company. Many (nearly all) the doctors that do this work have very few actual patients, if any at all. Many of them rely entirely on this work from the insurance company. Many of them (not all, but many) are very ethically compromised.
    When they lie about my clients, I crucify them in court.
    A professional trial attorney should have the skills and have done sufficient research on the IME doctor to reveal that the witness is nothing more than a shill for the insurance company, while pocketing hundreds of thousands of dollars writing false or biased reports that can destroy the lives of legitimately injured people and their families.

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  • How to pay

    I live in Michigan. My girlfriends fiance ran her can into my garage door due to her brakes being worn out. I have got estimates and discussed them with him. My jeep is also stuck and I am unable to use it for my business. The garage door is beyon...

    David’s Answer

    Your friend's vehicle has property protection insurance that will pay for your damage.
    Find our what company insures her car, call that company and file a claim.
    Its easy and you don't need a lawyer to do it.
    Just call them.

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  • If I client had a settlment from his car accedent injury 500,000usd

    His lawyer charged him 30% how much would be deducted who much will the client get out of the 500000 thnx

    David’s Answer

    It sounds like the contingent fee was actually on-third, which is %33.333. But, the attorneys out of pocket expenses are deducted first, the the fee is subtracted.
    For example, the breakdown of a $100,000 settlement would look like this:
    Settlement amount $100,000.00
    Expenses $ 10,000.00
    Sub Total 90,000.00
    One Third Fee 30,000.00
    Net to client 60,000.00
    There may be medical bills to pay from that total, as well. Every case is different in that regard.

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  • If some one had an car accedent and his lawyer made the claim for him but the insurance Denies your case

    Can and can the insurance still take pictures or videos and follow u around even if they denied UR case? Or can they still come after u even tho u made a claim against them N they denied it. Can they still send survalience after u even if they de...

    David’s Answer

    Your question is not terribly clear. But, the insurance company can conduct surveillance if they choose. If you have sued them for denying your claim, then surveillance is quite common. If you are accepting the denial, and not pursuing any further benefits from the insurance company, then they probably won't spend the money to follow you around. There would be no point to it.

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  • Can a car injury lawyer prove a closed head injury just by looking at the cracked windshield of a car

    Or dose he want more proof when going to trail for his client? Can a lawyer just prove a CHI just by the cracked windshild in a car accedent because all exams cam negitve even battery test but client did really hit his head

    David’s Answer

    As a lawyer specializing in helping people with closed head injuries for over twenty years, a cracked windshield proves little. If it was cracked by someone's head, then that person might have suffered a concussion, or brain injury. This injury can heal quickly or slowly or not at all. Each person's experience is different. Statistics say that about 85% of mild traumatic brain injuries resolve on their own in about 3 months or less. So, that person may have had an injury that resolved before testing was performed. Or perhaps there was not a lasting injury at all. One definitely cannot tell what happened to the person, or the extent of their brain damage just from a windshield crack.

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  • Plead Guilty and take the sentence or plead not guilty and hire an attorney MIP.

    I was in the rear seat of my car which my friend was driving. I had 6 beers through the whole night and did not want to drive and he stopped drinking 2 hours prior. We got pulled over for a headlight and were immediately accused of drinking and wh...

    David’s Answer

    I would urge you to hire an attorney. You have a lot at stake if you wish to pursue a medical license in the future, or any professional license for that matter.
    An attorney can help you exercise your rights, and navigate a system that, unfortunately, an amateur simply does not know.
    I would be optimistic for your situation if you get professional assistance.

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