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Jason Matthew Shinn

About Jason Shinn

About me

I'm an attorney focused on working with business organizations and entrepreneurs to protect and grow their businesses. I have significant business and legal experience with issues that these clients commonly face, including compliance with employment law, business entity formation, conducting e-commerce and business over the Internet, structuring key employment, consulting, and vendor agreements, and acquiring or selling business assets, as well conducting the appropriate due dilligence and drafting and structuring these transactions.


Additionally, I've tried these issues before judges and juries in state and federal court, as well as represented employers in state and federal employment agencies proceedings. This experience gives my client the unique perspective for anticipating potential problems and risks and then to proactively manage those issues to eliminate or, at least, reduce the chance of getting dragged into litigation. I also write for and publish a leading Michigan focused Employment Law resource focused on issues relavant to employers.