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Richard S. Victor

Richard Victor’s Answers

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  • Can I have a child custody order vacated?

    I was forced into a custody agreement in 2008 when my lawyer didn't show up for court. The judge and other party's attorney pressured me into proceeding without since my lawyer never showed. He was even fined by the court for it. Can I vacate my o...

    Richard’s Answer

    Child custody/support orders are modifiable/changeable until the child is no longer under the jurisdiction of the court. The party/parent who wishes to change a court order has the burden to prove why the court order should be changed and is no longer in the child's best interests. Based on the facts you reported...what took you so long!? You should consult with a family law attorney as soon as possible.

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  • Are legal discovery requests sent via email binding?

    Just found 13 emails from my ex's lawyer in spam box. Last was for sanctions on me for not complying with the last emails which I never saw as they were in my spam email. This hearing was this morning but I didn't know. Is this email method bindin...

    Richard’s Answer

    Legal matters, unlike other professions, are most often governed by laws and licensing reguations that vary state by state. A lawyer from one state may not provide legal assistance to a client in another state, unless they are licensed to practice in the second state. Since I am a Michigan lawyer I strongly suggest you contact a lawyer in Illinois as soon as possible as this may be a very serious matter. Good luck.

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