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Kirsten Nielsen Hartig

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  • Will DUI affect me to apply H1B visa in the US?

    I'm in F1 visa status and OPT now and I got arrested by DUI in 11/2009. Now I'm trying to apply for H1B visa, will DUI affect my application of the H1B visa? Thanks for the help!

    Kirsten’s Answer

    My advice to you is to seek the advice of an immigration attorney. Most criminal attorneys only specialize in criminal defense. I regularly refer my clients to an immigration lawyer to assess the impact of a conviction to any of the possible crimes charged. The cost is minimal, often less that $150.00 for a one-time consultation. This fee is a very small price to pay to fully understand what might happen to you and your family. Good luck to you.

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  • Does probation begin on the date of arrest, arraignment or the date the case finished?

    I was arrested on 02/20/2009 arraigned on 03/10/2009 and my case was finished on 04/27/2009. I got one year unrestricted probation, fines paid in full. Which date signifies the beginning of my probation?

    Kirsten’s Answer

    In Michigan and in most other states the date of your probation will begin on the date of your sentence. Generally a document called the Judgment of Sentence (JOS) is the document that is filed by the Court on the day of sentence. It is the formal sentence that you received. When you or the Judge or the Probation Department are unsure of your sentence, every aspect of your probation, including your probationary obligations are contained on the Judgment of Sentence. If the Judge says something different in Court, the Judgment of Sentence is what controls. There is a phrase in the law the "A Court Speaks Through Its' Written Order". You need to obtain a copy of the Judgment of Sentence to compute the day your probation ends. Also, do not hesitate to ask your Probation Officer, he or she should be willing to tell you the answer. There is nothing inappropriate about asking that question. Good Luck

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