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Christopher J. Berry

Christopher Berry’s Legal Guides

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  • The Four Ways Assets Are Transferred Out of Your Name in Michigan

    Joint Ownership Joint ownership can take many forms, but it occurs when two people own a an asset jointly. For example, a husband and wife with both their names on the deed to their personal residen

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  • What is Michigan Estate Planning?

    What is Michigan estate planning? Lets start with what it isnt.Estate planning is not just for the wealthy.It is not just about avoiding probate and minimizing taxes.It is not just transferring wealth at your death.It is not about which documents to use.It is not a one-time even...

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  • Key Tools In Michigan Estate Planning

    Revocable Living Trust A revocable living trust is a document that clients execute to avoid probate, control distributions to their children and possibly avoid Federal estate taxes. A Michigan estat

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