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Dean M. Googasian

Dean Googasian’s Answers

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  • What can I do with an on line scam they took me for $220 ?

    I applied for an on line loan, they told me If I sent them $220 they would within an hour put the loan amt plus the 220 back in my account. When I checked, they told me they could not give me the loan nor could they send my 220 back to me. They to...

    Dean’s Answer

    Online scams can be difficult to undo, but not impossible. A lot may depend on how you transferred the money to them. If you used a credit card or a bank, you may be able to contact the fraud department there for help. A lawyer can help by attempting to locate the operators of the scam.

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  • When u hit UR head on windsheild and nurolgical doctor refers you to a phyctrist can u sue for ptsd in car accedent

    Why do nurogical doctors send patients to phyctrist after tbi and can I sue the car that hit me for make me see the phyctrist for ptsd

    Dean’s Answer

    To answer your first question, some people who suffer a TBI or traumatic brain injury experience symptoms that can be helped by treating with a psychiatrist.

    To answer your second question, it is possible to sue the owner and/or driver of the car that hit you and seek damages for all your injuries. Whether that lawsuit would be successful depends on the facts of your particular case. You should contact a local lawyer to make sure your legal rights are protected.

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