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Anita Mcintyre’s Answers

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  • How can I find out if I'm divorced?

    My husband cheated last year, I put him out and he went to file for a divorce. We are back together the chick he cheated with calls me yesterday to tell me that he did file. He said when they were trying to serve me he kept running interfere, so I...

    Anita’s Answer

    If no judgment entered, you are still married. Check with the county clerk to see if a judgment was entered . If you were not served and he did not go to court there will be no judgment. The case should have been dismissed for lack of progress. If you question his truthfulness check with the county clerk's circuit court files.

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  • Do I have any recourse in probate scenario?

    I am the nephew in this scenario. XX lived in Oregon & died 01-23-12. A will was found from 1970 leaving estate to estranged family member. We believe there may be another Will or arrangements unfound. What are the options? Tree: XX#1 live...

    Anita’s Answer

    There are several unsupplied facts that would affect the result in this senario. When did was the marriage? Who died first? Who controls xxs estate now? No good answer without the answer to this question.

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