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Timothy A. Dinan

About Timothy Dinan

About me

You will not get a postcard or an e-mail when you or a loved one is arrested. It will feel as if someone kicked you. My mission as a criminal defense lawyer is to protect your interests, fight for your rights and teach you about the criminal justice system. I work for you, not the courts or the prosecutor. We work with you to hold the government to their proofs and to make sure you receive all the benefits the criminal justice system offers. We do n't charge for initial conferences, so call


My practice is designed to help people who are accused of committing crimes.  I carefully guide you through the system, protect your rights and ensure your complete understanding of the law.  I will help you make the decisions you need to make and provide guidance so you'll never find yourself in that position again.

I represent law school graduates and candidates for the bar examination.  Not only to I frequently lecture and teach about the bar examination, I have successfully prepared over 80 examination appeals, many resulting the candidates being licensed.  In the area of Michigan's Character and Fitness requirements, I have successfully represented candidates for admission through careful preparation and proper presentation to the various committees.

One component that has made my practice successful has been creating and developing networks.  I believbe that the more networks which you are a part of, the greater chance you will find the attorney you want or get the name of the attorney you need.

My recent practice development, CCW Defenders of Michigan, is focused on the the needs of the armed citizen and those accused of weapons crimes.  I believe that my experience and passion in this area will serve my clients well.  We also offer a 24 hour/7 day a week subscription service through CCW Defenders to provide instant response to members who may find themselves in a position of being investigated after a shooting or weapons incident.  See more at or call 1-877CCW-ATTY

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