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Jordan S. Bolton

Jordan Bolton’s Answers

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  • How can I protect myself from unfair charges/collections when I already canceled in time?

    I was bullied into signing up for Just Energy services by a door-to-door person, who said I had ten days to cancel without penalty, and who also said in response to "I am moving in July" that my contract would be canceled without penalty. Immediat...

    Jordan’s Answer

    If they do not correct it, you may want to consider hiring an attorney to send a demand letter. There may be several state a federal statutes that they are in violation of.

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  • Are both judgments gone?

    I recently went to court to have judgment in my case set aside as I was not served properly by the other party. I received two different judgments when I was served. The judge has ordered there was neglect on the other parties side and set the jud...

    Jordan’s Answer

    Assuming that the judgments were entered in the same case (i.e., in cases that have the same case number), the answer should lay in the language of the written order entered by the Court (courts speak through their written orders). If you need further clarification, feel free to take both judgments to the Court along with the written order setting aside the default judgment and ask the judge's clerk.

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