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Brian A. McKenna

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  • Michigan Texting and Driving Accidents – Liability is High for Texting Drivers

    Texting and driving accidents have become rampant across the United States in recent years. They have become such a serious concern that Michigan passed a ban against texting and driving back in 2010. This ban has played an important role for victims of these accidents in Michiga...

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  • Michigan No-Fault Insurance: 5 Tips for Better Recovery of Benefits

    Michigan no-fault insurance companies dont have an unlimited pile of money that they just pass out hand-over-fist to everyone with a car accident claim. In reality, insurance companies are fairly stingy with their money and look for every excuse they can to deny treatment and o...

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  • Lawyer Explains the Differences between Motorcycle and Auto Crashes

    s motorcycle accident lawyers in Michigan, we've seen many motorcyclists surprised and alarmed at how difficult it can be to get reimbursed for medical care and lost wages when they have an accident on their motorcycle. Michigans no-fault insurance law does not apply to motorcycl...

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  • Michigan No-Fault Insurance — Understand the Benefits You’re Entitled To

    Michigan no-fault insurance is designed to make sure anyone involved in auto accidents in Michigan has their medical needs paid for and any income lost to injuries reimbursed. It doesnt matter who is at fault in the accident or how many vehicles were involved. If youve been inv...

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  • Can I Sue the At-fault Driver in a Michigan Car Accident?

    Michigans no-fault insurance law only permits lawsuits against an at-fault driver for pain and suffering or excess economic loss NOT for medical costs or lost wages unless the driver was uninsured. The Detroit accident lawyers at our firm are frequently asked by clients whethe...

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