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  • I would not recommend this attorney for any child custody issues!!!!

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    We signed a legal contract and I gave Mr. Schimers the retainers fee he asked for and he cashed my checks and went to court one time with me and actually did not help me. He did not argue or say anything against the other attorney and the other attorney also said that she never heard from Mr. Schimers. I could not help but feel the other attorney was running our case at that court hearing. He did not contact the court to communicate to them that he was no longer going to be my attorney and when I went to my second court date, they the courts were unaware that Mr. Schimers was not going to be respresenting me anymore. Mr. Schimers actually sent me a letter after appearing in court with me one time and said that he could not longer spend any time on my case due to other obligations he had and therefore recommended me to find someone else. So he took my retainer fee and was suppose to be my attorney and went to court once and then sent me a letter stating that he could not represent me anymore. He could not even call me and give me the respect and talk to me on the phone and explain this to me. Needless to say, Mr. Schimer did not return any of my monies to me since he is the one that said he could not represent me anymore and the retainers fee was suppose to be for Mr. Schimer to respresent me and out of that retainer fee came with one court date with me.
    So my personal opinion is that Mr. Schimer would not be an attorney that you would want for any child custody issues but he might be a better attorney to represent you in other cases.
    He also did not seem to knowledgeable about several situations and issues with regards to child custody issues or visitation issues.

    Bodo Schimers’s response: “As most Family Law matters can be resolved with one hearing, my fee agreement states that the retainer is for one hearing only and additional hearings will be charged at an hourly rate. As I am in business to represent people - the only time that I would "fire" a client is if I found them to be reprehensible or unreasonable.”