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  • If you have a warrant out on you would a prosecuting attorney private investigator show up to ur door or would a sheriff?

    Private investigator showed up at my door twice and left his card and I never called back and I havent heard anything since

    Bodo’s Answer

    Usually, police will not come looking for you (especially in Detroit) unless the warrant is for a serious crime. They usually catch you at a traffic stop or otherwise without having to come out. If it is a PI it would probably be for an unrelated matter. In any event do not talk to anyone other than your attorney about the facts. Why not just take care of the warrant. Call the Judge's clerk and they will tell you how. If you come in voluntarily the consequences are usually not that bad. As always, consult an attorney first

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  • Is entering without owners permission a felony

    cousin was in a house and they charging him with felony

    Bodo’s Answer

    No. Its a Misdemeanor. Michigan law states:

    750.115 Breaking and entering or entering without breaking; buildings, tents, boats, railroad cars; entering public buildings when expressly denied.

    (1) Any person who breaks and enters or enters without breaking, any dwelling, house, tent, hotel, office, store, shop, warehouse, barn, granary, factory or other building, boat, ship, railroad car or structure used or kept for public or private use, or any private apartment therein, or any cottage, clubhouse, boat house, hunting or fishing lodge, garage or the out-buildings belonging thereto, any ice shanty with a value of $100.00 or more, or any other structure, whether occupied or unoccupied, without first obtaining permission to enter from the owner or occupant, agent, or person having immediate control thereof, is guilty of a misdemeanor.

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  • I have a warrant out for arrest due to back child support and want to turn myself in, what is the best way to do this?

    I have had no garnishable wages or bank account to be in compliant with the order to garnish, I now have work and can pay but not if I go to jail and lose my job. How can I resolve this without doing jail time?

    Bodo’s Answer

    It depends on who issued the warrant. It could be that your family law Judge entered it after you failed to attend a show cause hearing. Or it is possible that a felony non-support case is pending in the criminal division of Circuit Court. Either Judge will want to see some evidence of what your current earnings are AND want you pay at least something towards the arrearage.

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  • Do I have a case?

    I was walking down a isle in Kroger, I sliped on my right knee I would of fell but I was holding on to grocery cart. I looked down and there was a massive amount of water that was clear and I didn't see. My knee was hurting really bad, no one want...

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    Yes you have a case. The key is the manager saying "I thought we had it under control." Usually you have to prove how long the water was there - usually an impossible task. In this case the store caused the water problem. However, your damages seem light as no fractures were diagnosed.

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