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Bryon K. Kelley

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  • EBay order for sealed box item but Seller delivered open box item, is that a violation or not?

    The eBay seller listed as item condition-New (which eBay defines A brand-new, unused item in its original sealed packaging) priced close to $1000.00. I bidded and ordered it, but the seller delivered an open-box item (for which eBay has different ...

    Bryon’s Answer

    I agree with both of the other answers on this topic. One suggestion I have to help protect you in the future would be to look into the use of PayPal account if you continue to shop on eBay. PayPal has several dispute resolution options for buyers, including but not limited to returning an item, refund of your purchase, and in certain situations like fraud etc., they can reimburse you your entire purchase price. I am not necessary advocating the use of their services, however it could be something that could potentially provide you with an extra layer of protection should you run into an unscrupulous seller in the future. Good Luck.

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