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Badalamenti v. William Beaumont Hospital-Troy

Case Conclusion Date: 06.09.1997

Practice Area: Personal injury

Outcome: Jury Verdict $15,000,000.00

Description: At 7:43 AM Slavatore Badalamenti, a 32 year old carpenter came to the emergency room at William Beaumont Hospital in Troy, MI, suffering a heart attack. he was examined by David H. Forst, a cardiologist, who prescribed streptokinase, a drug sthat stops blood clotting. Sal's conditon did not improve, but his blood pressure declined drastically, but Dr. Forst prescribed a blood pressure medication that lowered his blood pressure. Sal was in cardiogenic shock. The lack of blood to his arms and legs caused gangrene and he lost all 10 fingers and his legs. Sal never worked again. A jury found in his favor against the Hospital.

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