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Alan Douglas Speck

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  • Can I get out of an apartment lease when buying a house in the area.

    I have a written agreement that says I cannot have my apartment lease cancelled, yet my wife and I were told by the leasing manager, in her office, that if I purchase a property in the area she would relieve me of that burden. She cannot recollect...

    Alan’s Answer

    There may be a provision in your lease agreement that allows you to break the lease for a fee. However, I would not know if such a provision exists until I reviewed your lease agreement. If there is not a lease break clause in your lease, it will likely be difficult if not impossible to get out of the lease unless you consider an option such as filing bankruptcy. If you were to file bankruptcy you could very likely get out of the lease. Given the complexity of the issue you should consult with an attorney that handles matters like the one you are currently dealing with to discuss what option is best for you.

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