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James P. Frederick

About James Frederick

About me

Being Christian affects every aspect of our approach to the practice of law and the way we treat our clients. The very idea of Christian lawyers may seem like an oxymoron, but it is a responsibility that we take very seriously. We believe that we are called to not only uphold the laws and ethics codes handed down by the State, but more importantly, to adhere to the values set forth in the Bible.


We make every effort to act in a way that will not only benefit our clients, but will also reflect our desire to perform work that is pleasing to God. We strongly believe that this adds value to the service we provide and it separates us from many other law firms you could choose to work with.


The best way to find out more about me personally and the firm is to visit our website: That site provides not only personal information about myself and my partner, but also a great deal about the work that we do, our professional philosophy and estate planning and probate information that most clients find helpful.

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