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Hayssam A. El Kodssi

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  • 401k divorce settlement still hasn't been taken out of my 401k and it's been almost 2 years since divorce

    Me and my ex wife got divorced in May 2013 and then last may 2014 her lawyer finally wrote up the paperwork for the qdro and we both signed it and handed it in to the judge and now almsost 7 months later the money still hasn't been taken out of my...

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    As long as you signed the QDRO and paid your share of fees, you're not required to do no more. it's your wife and her attorney's job to follow up...

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  • Are debts listed on the divorce decree solely the responsibility of that spouse or are both spouses still liable for the debt

    spouse is not paying her debts as per decree, and although they were jointly opened in 2000, I have not seen a bill in 3 years, now credit card company calling me. its impacting my credit and I do have her address, should I go back to court and f...

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    yes you should go back to court and ask to hold your spouse in conptemt for failing to pay joint marital debt. you can serve your spouse by alternative servises if you cannot locate her anymore. this this not a legal advise because I don't have all the facts.

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  • We are getting a divorce and both names are on the mortgage. Can we both own the house after the divorce?

    my husband as agreed to pay the mortgage as a form of child support and let me and children live here. Can both our names still be on the mortgage after the divorce or do I have to take my name off. This agreement is only good for 10 years when ...

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    the parties can agree that mortgage payments will offset the child support, however, you should anticipate that your husband may stop payments on the mortgage which may lead to foreclosure (losing your house) and bad credit. i recommend that you let him pay the child support through the court and that you take his name out of the mortgage and the deed. usually people will take this kind of Arrangement when one spouse cannot take the mortgage by him/her self for financial/credit problems. Please note that everything you might agree on should be specified in details in the judgment of divorce. please don't take this as a legal advice because I don't have all the facts. should have any questions, you may call me at 313-406-5013, and ask for attorney Hayssam El Kodssi. Good luck.

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