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Sarah M. Cross

Sarah Cross’s Legal Guides

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  • Can I Withdraw An Immigration Petition?

    Can I withdraw my petition? If you petition has not been approved and no visa has been issued, then you can withdraw a petition for an immigrant or non-immigrant visa. That means that up until your

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  • Reporting Suspected Immigration Benefit Fraud

    Clients often ask me about how to report benefit fraud to USCIS. First, I do not encourage reporting benefit fraud for malicious reasons. It is not okay to turn your spouse in for immigration fraud because you are angry that your marriage didn't work out or because you think tha...

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  • K-1 Visas Explained

    What is it? The K-1 visa or fiance visa as it is commonly called is a visa that allows a US citizen to bring his or her fiance to the US for the purpose of marriage. Who qualifies? In order to qualif

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  • What You Should Tell Your Immigration Attorney

    Give basic information Make sure that your attorney has accurate, up-to-date basic information on both you and your fiance. this includes your telephone numbers, email addresses, and mailing address

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  • What police certificates do I need and how do I get them?

    Determine what clearances you need For all ages: 1) You need a police certificate from any place where you were arrested no matter your age or length of stay. For people over 16: 2) You need a police

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  • How to Write an Affidavit Supporting Your K-1 Fiance Visa Application

    Keep it Short The best affidavits are short, about 1-2 pages in length, but not too short. So, start out with the idea that you are going to write about 3-5 paragraphs. Cover the Basics Start with a

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  • How to Get Copies of Your Tax Returns for an Affidavit of Support

    Getting your Transcripts online There are two ways to request Tax Transcripts. First you can fill out the form 4506-T Request for Tax Transcripts form found at this link.

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