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Francyne Stacey

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  • Is this legal?

    I am a temporary employee and my place of employment sent out an email stating we are not to ask for anytime off, when their policy states that with a certain amount of hours worked you get 1 weeks vacation yet they deny anyone who asks about this...

    Francyne’s Answer

    you may want to check with the state department of labor

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  • My previous employer violated my rights under COBRA... do I have any recourse?

    I am being asked to enter into an agreement waiving future claims for a COBRA violation. I am curious as to whether or not I should agree to the terms or pursue something further. My previous employer was 15 days late with COBRA paperwork, there...

    Francyne’s Answer

    Your employer can charge you the full group rate for Cobra. A half/half split for the first three months may not be worth arguing over plus, under federal law, you should be entitled to a significant reduction in your premiums.

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