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Chad David Engelhardt

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  • I tried to get the $500 mini tort, but they say if I don't acutally fix the car, they wont pay the whole $500.

    I have made the claim with the other insurance company. Now they called me and they want to pay the body shop directly, but I dont really want my car fixed there. I was just going to drive the car with the damage and not fix it. Aren't they requir...

    Chad’s Answer

    Steve Gursten's answer above is 100% correct. No surprise given his stature as a leading authority on Michigan auto law. Following up on his answer, get a few estimates from body shops to present to the insurance company. If they still deny, file your suit but be prepared to have the estimators come to court or get a certificate that indicates the estimate is a business record prepared and kept in the ordinary course of their business. This is a another example of an unreasonable insurer, and why this State so badly needs bad faith insurance laws to punish these greedy insurers who deny meritorious claims.

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  • The driver that hit my car had no insurance, I only have PLD. Does he have to pay for my repairs?

    As Michigan is a no fault state, am I still entitle to money from him?

    Chad’s Answer

    You may be able seek up to $500 under the mini-tort statute for your property damage. See this legal guide by Michigan Autolaw expert Tom James.

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