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Benjamin Hirsch’s Legal Guides

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  • What is a Lady Bird Deed

    A Lady Bird Deed in technical terms is a deed which transfers from the transferor to the transferee an enhanced life estate.The Lady Bird deed was named after Lady Bird Johnson, because allegedly, President Lyndon Johnson used it to transfer some property to his wife. Its a very ...

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  • What is a Holographic Will in Michigan

    A Holographic will is generally defined as a Will written entirely by the testator in his or her own handwriting and is not witnessed.Black's Law Dictionary659 (5th ed. 1979) Each state has different requirements for a valid Holographic Will.Michigans requirements are found in M...

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  • How to Settle a Revocable Living Trust in Michigan

    After all the Grantors of a Revocable Living Trust have passed, it falls on the Successor Trustee appointed by the trust itself to settle the estate.If the trust has been properly funded (all assets owned by the Grantors have been placed in the Trusts name) the Successor Trustee ...

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  • Estate Planning to Avoid the Probate Process

    When you pass, everything you own that is title in your name and is not otherwise disposed of has to be distributed.If it doesnt go to someone else it goes to the State (called Escheat). In truth theres nothing inherently wrong with your estate going through the probate process.I...

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  • What is a Power of Attorney

    What is a Power of Attorney Very simply put, giving someone Power of Attorney is giving that person the right to act in your place.The attorney power is a voluntary thing, you have the right to give it to someone else and take it back, whenever you want, but it must be given by y...

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  • What is VA Pension for Veterans?

    The VA Pension for Veterans is a needs based pension paid to veterans who are sixty five or older, or if under sixty five, are permanently and totally disabled. If you are more seriously disabled you may qualify for Aid and Attendance or Housebound Benefits, in addition to your b...

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  • What is a Mortgage Modification

    If you find yourself owing more on your mortgage than your home is worth, you may want to consider a Mortgage Modification. A Mortgage Modification is a process where you may be able to change the terms of the Mortgage loan without refinancing or changing lenders. The feder...

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  • Estate Planning Essentials

    The real question when starting to plan your estate, is What do you want done? The real question when starting to plan your estate, is "What do you want done?" Think about your biggest concerns. Estate planning involves looking at what you have and figuring out where you want t...

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