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Mark Satawa’s Answers

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  • Probation violation Receiving stolen property in 2009 I was given 1 year probation which turned into 4 Didn't pay $4000.00

    IT Tech for twenty years and had no trouble with the law and no felonies. When work got slow in 2009 I started working with some friends of mine which let move in a friend of theirs gave them a van to use for there business which was child care a...

    Mark’s Answer

    I am little confused. Is your arrest for driving the van the violation of probation, or what you were put on probation for to begin with? If you were already on probation when you were arrested for driving the van, what were you on probation for? If you were already on probation when you were driving the van, it is possibly double trouble -- the arrest would be a violation of your already existing probation, as well as a new potential charge of receiving and concealing stolen property. The good news is that in order to be guilty of RCSP, you must have knowledge that the van was stolen -- so you have a defense to that charge. Either way, you certainly need the services of a good criminal defense attorney ASAP. Good luck, and let me know if I can help you out in any other way.

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