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Loren M. Dickstein

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  • Misdemeanor and Felony Probation Violations - Perspectives from a Probation Violation Attorney

    "Do I have a right to probation instead of jail or prison time?" Whether it be for a felony or misdemeanor, according to Michigan law, probation is not a right, but a privilege. Michigan judges will tell you that probation is a "form of leniency."In practice, the terms and co...

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  • What is a fair legal fee for a criminal case?

    What is a fair legal fee for a criminal case? Depending on the seriousness of the crime you are charged with, the most it will ever cost you is your life. Being convicted of a crime can result in the loss of your very freedom. It can also cost your career, your house, family r...

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  • HYTA - Michigan Holmes Youthful Training Status for Youthful Offenders

    HYTA Sentencing Plea/Sentence Under Advisement HYTA is an acronym for the Holmes Youthful Trainee Act.Anyone who is charged with a criminal offense wants to keep his or her criminal record clean. Weve all heard about people applying for jobs, school, public benefits or fighting...

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  • What makes a great criminal defense attorney?

    WHAT MAKES A GREAT CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY? Posted: 06/24/2011 What Makes a Great Criminal Attorney?-If you have been arrested and charged with a criminal offense, you will need a criminal attorney. If you're like most people, you want the best - the one that will keep yo...

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  • Jail or Prison Do Not Have to Result from a Violation of Probation

    As a criminal defense attorney, I represent clients on violations of probation (VOP) in misdemeanor and felony cases throughout Michigan.I appear on probation violations frequently in Oakland County, Macomb County, Wayne County, Livingston County, Washtenaw County and Southeaster...

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  • What You Should Do If Pulled Over by Police

    Stop at the very first safe location. If your on the road and a police officer pulls behind you to pull you over, immediately turn on your turn signal to acknowledge that your pulling over and stop a

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  • How to Prepare for Your Testimony at Trial

    Remember - Litigation is Adversarial Remember that when you testify as a party or a witness, you are involved in an adversarial proceeding. All the principles of communication come into play. Your vo

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