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Lawrence B. Shulman

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  • In Michigan, can I receive unemployment and also Social Security benefits without penalty?

    I should be recieving my first SS check the first week of June. I have 23 weeks of unemployment coming. Will this be affected? Do I have to report the SS as income for that week?

    Lawrence’s Answer

    The other answers may be correct with respect to Social Security Disability benefits, but not so if you are asking about Social Security Retirement benefits.

    For retirement benefits, some states have an offset against unemployment for amounts you receive in social security benefits. Under current MIchigan law, you can collect both without offset or penalty.

    Go to this link to access the State of Michigan publication on collecting unemployment benefits:

    Assuming that you are asking about Social Security retirement payments (instead of Disability payments), Michigan will not reduce the amount of your unemployment benefits as long as you meet the other eligibility requirements. See page 6 of the State of Michigan publication for an explanation of how retirement benefits impact unemployment claims.

    Good luck.

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