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Lawrence J. Buckfire

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  • What would happen if someone got hit by a car?

    My boyfriend and I were at a stop light at 9:00pm when we saw a man dressed in dark colors start walking across the inner section as our light turned green. In the lane next to us, a car was coming up to the light going roughly 40mph and came very...

    Lawrence’s Answer

    According to Michigan law, a pedestrian hit by a car does have legal rights, however it does depend on a case by case factor. For example, factors such as lighting conditions at the time, the speed limit in the area, whether the driver was distracted, and whether other motorists were able to see the person in the roadway before being hit by the car will come into play on whether or not a pedestrian has a strong case against a car that hit them. However, the rights of a pedestrian can include a personal injury claim agaisnt the negligent driver and a claim for Michigan no-fault insurance benefits. If the pedestrian was killed, the surviving family members may be able to pursue a Michigan wrongful death lawsuit. Again, there is no exact answer as it is a case to case basis. At our law firm our Michigan car accident lawyers specialize in these types of accidents.

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