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Joshua Paul Rubin

About Joshua Rubin

About me

I have been intrigued with the criminal justice system since I was a little kid. This interest led me to study criminal justice at Michigan State University in 1996. My studies at MSU then sparked my interest in the legal field, which led me to study law at MSU College of Law in 2000. My career in law, as a private practice attorney, then began in 2003.


I believe that a great attorney possesses more than one positive attribute. You can be the smartest guy/gal in the world, but if you can't effectively communicate your legal position to a judge or jury than you are worthless as a lawyer. Likewise, you can be the most charismatic guy/gal on the block i.e. a great communicator, but if you do not have a good understanding of the law (and rules/procedure that go with it) than you will ultimately look like a fool in the courtroom. I work hard at keeping up with the law as well as developing different strategies to effectively communicate for and on behalf of my clients.


Legal principals aside, I also believe that a being a well-rounded person is important to a successful law practice. I work hard on my faith in God, my marriage, my family, my general fitness, my friendships (both personal and professional), my finances, and my organizational skills. I believe that my success in these areas have contributed greatly to my practice. 


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