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Laura E. Eisenberg

Laura Eisenberg’s Answers

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  • What can I do if a Judge denied my motion for return of personal property?

    My ex packed all my belongings while i was gone on vacation and filed for divorce. When I came back he denied access to the marital home and sent me all my belongings in boxes. When I opened them, I found they are missing items worth $7000. My ...

    Laura’s Answer

    Generally, the police will not get involved in divorce matters. I would recommend discussing the situation with your attorney to see if filing a motion for reconsideration is appropriate.

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  • Can a judge sign a document saying that a parent has custody of their child until they graduate, even after they turn 18?

    A friend is moving away and their parents treat them like dirt. They want to stay here and they are turning 18 in a few days, but there parents say they have a document saying that they still have custody of their child until they graduate. Can sa...

    Laura’s Answer

    I believe your friend's parents are misreading their divorce decree. The age of majority in the state of Michigan is 18. Once a child reaches the age of 18 they have the legal right to choose where they live. However, in the situation of a divorce, the obligation of a parent to pay child support does continue until the child graduates from high school or 19 1/2 whichever is later, so long as the child is continuing in school full time.

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  • Do I have grounds to file a harassment restraining order?

    I am divorced with 2 kids. I take my kids to church every Sunday. Their mother's boyfriend drops his kids off at the same church, from which he is excommunicated. He is reporting back to her what goes on during my parenting time.

    Laura’s Answer

    While it is certainly upsetting to have someone intrude on your parenting time by reporting back to your ex-wife, I do not believe this continues grounds for a Personal Protection Order, commonly known as a harassment restraining order. I would recommend speaking with an attorney to see if there are additional facts which may warrant grounds for the filing of a Personal Protection Order.

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