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John J. Schrot Jr.

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  • How do I get rid of am attorney ad litem?

    My daughter won a lawsuit back in 2002 and my husband and i have only recently requested funds from her account. I want to know is there anyway that we can access her account without having to go through the judge and the attorney ad litem that ch...

    John’s Answer

    You will not be able to access your daughter's account without authority from the Court. It appears that your daughter has a minor conservatorship, which the Court considered necessary. On the application of your daughter or at the discretion of the Court, the appointment of the lawyer-guardian ad litem (GAL) may be revoked and another appointed. The Court is focused on your daughter's interests being represented. If your daughter is at least 14 years old, in Michigan, the Court must consider her choice for GAL. The duty of the GAL is to your daughter and not the Court. The GAL duty is to determine and advocate the child's best interests. Your daughter's wishes are relevant to the determination of best interests and should be weighed in accordance with her maturity and competence.

    DISCLAIMER: This response and general information may not be appropriate for the facts of your particular matter. This limited communication has not created an attorney-client relationship. It is suggested that you consult with an attorney in your area before taking any action or inaction that may affect your legal position or rights.

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  • My Husbands Parents Completely Hate Me My Husband Is 18 &im 19 we have 3 kids and a fourth on the way me and my husbands mom

    what should i do to deal with this issue

    John’s Answer

    You really don't give enough information to let the reader know more about the root of the problem. Nevertheless, as a young married couple with three children you have your hands full. It is difficult to focus on yourselves and your marriage while having to make the children your priority.

    You and your husband may benefit from talking to a trained counselor or therapist. If finances are an issue, look for a non-profit facility in your area. You should attempt to learn why you are allegedly disliked, and then how to resolve the problem or just accept it.

    DISCLAIMER: This anser is provided as general nformation, which may not be appropriate for the specific facts of your particular situation. No attorney-client relationship has been established based on this limited communication. You are advised to consult with an attorney in your jurisdiction before taking any action or inaction that may affect your legal rights.

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  • CPS was called on me and the callier basically said that my kids dad sell drugs out of my house & right in front of my kids!!

    He dont sell drugs we dont do drugs we dont even allow people to smoke cigeretts in our house or around our kids!! When cps came to my home i didnt know anything about them i just didnt want them to take my kids she brought the police with her and...

    John’s Answer

    If you can financially afford it, I suggest that you immediately consult with a family law attorney. There is obviously something at play that is unexplained. The attorney can serve as your advocate in addressing and/or preventing future episodes of CPS showing up at your door unannounced. The attorney should also serve to rule out or confirm certain facts or allegations. Give the attorney all of the information you know, and let him or her advise you as to whether you sit back or become proactive. One way or the other this situation has to be addressed and remedied.

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  • What can I do about the summer scheduale and the kids?

    My ex was going to move to WA and didnt. He now lives in WI. We had an agreement for when he moved to WA and since he didnt should that scheduale be voided? The freind of the court here is still going by that. He refused to talk to me about anythi...

    John’s Answer

    You need to bring your former spouse before the Court, so that the Judge has an opportunity to learn more about your case and give direction.

    I don't know what the existing parenting time order states but Washington is much different from Wisconsin. You can petition the court to modify parenting time due to the change in circumstance and for proper cause. A court speaks through its written orders, so follow the written order until the Judge signs a new order. This can also have an effect upon child support, due to the number of overnights. Also, your court order should address extracurricular activities, and when the children can participate, who transports and who pays. When you petiton the court ask that he contribute at least prorata to the expense.

    You should immediately send him your summer schedule. Also, review your Judgment of Divorce for any requirements. If he won't talk to you then keep a record , in detail, in a journal so that you have a record.

    It appears that your former spouse is not willingly cooperating with you in acting for the best interest of the children. This places a bigger burden on you. Keep after the Friend of the Court for assistance, but also consider a face- to -face with your Judge in a motion hearing.

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