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A History of Results.

Practice Area: Litigation


Description: Joel successfully defended the 51% owner of what was once the largest private road builder in the world in a shareholder oppression lawsuit. After numerous depositions and motions, our client bought out the Plaintiff at a large discount and the case was dismissed.* A tier-one automobile supplier contracted with two partners of a big six accounting firm to pursue acquisition opportunities. When the supplier discovered that the joint venture partners were pursuing separate opportunities for themselves, the supplier terminated the accountants' services. The accountants filed a breach of contract action seeking $3,500,000 in damages. We filed a counter-claim for the accountants' breach of contract and fraud. We obtained a no cause for action on the accountants' claim and a jury verdict of $2,000,000 on our counter-claim.* A dentist brought in a young man to eventually buy his practice. The young dentist's mother, lawyer, drew up documents which in the fine print, gave her son 100% ownership before any payment. When our client asked the young dentist to leave he was told it was him that should leave. Our client's original counsel was overwhelmed when the attorney/mother filed ten separate administrative and civil actions claiming everything imaginable, including shareholder oppression and fraud. We tried two of the matters successfully. The others were dismissed.* We defended a 50 percent shareholder a shareholder oppression action seeking over $200.000,000. After a jury trial lasting 11 weeks, the case settled very favorably.* We succeeded another law firm in a shareholder oppression case on the verge of dismissal. We prevailed on all motions to and settled for $600,000. We then brought a successful malpractice claim against predecessor counsel.* We defended one of the most distinguished Michigan law firms in a sensitive sexual harassment suit. After discovery, we settled the case for nuisance value.* A vice-president of a big three automobile manufacturers was terminated from his employment after a management shake-up. We negotiated a $1,000,000 settlement in his behalf.* We obtained lifetime hospitalization insurance for more than 200 widows of retired City of Detroit policemen and firefighters.* Representing owners of more than 4,000 apartment units, we obtained a declaratory judgment striking down a refuse collection ordinance as unconstitutional, which saved our clients millions of dollars.* After a lengthy trial, the court awarded mobile home parking zoning to our client, declared a local zoning ordinance unconstitutional and awarded substantial damages and all attorneys' fees and costs to our client.* We defended a civil action for a man criminally convicted of sexual relations with a minor. We obtained a complete dismissal* . We represented ten nephews and nieces in a challenge to their uncle's will, which divided his entire estate between three charities. We developed evidence of fraud by one of the "charities" and began investigating the others. We obtained a $4.5 million settlement which represented a substantial portion of the entire estate.* Our contractor client's subcontractor installed windows improperly at a university, causing $1,000,000 in replacement costs. The sub filed for bankruptcy. We claimed against the sub's insurance company. We obtained substantial settlements on the eve of trial including our client's attorney fees.* We obtained a $1.5 million jury verdict where defendant insurance agents had fraudulently sold our client non-existent health insurance policies for its employees. The jury awarded damages, attorney fees and exemplary damages, doubling the entire award. In a highly publicized published opinion, the Michigan Court of Appeals affirmed the verdict. Exemplary damages are rarely awarded to corporations in Michigan State Courts.

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