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Elias T. Xenos

Elias Xenos’s Legal Guides

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  • How Can I Get a Work Visa?

    How can I get a work visa?

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  • Do I Need to Be an American Citizen to Own a Business in the United States?

    Do I need to be an American citizen to own a business in the United States?

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  • Do I Need to Form a Corporation or Partnership or Can I Do Business as an Individual?

    Do I need to form a corporation or partnership or can I do business as an individual?

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  • Serious Personal Injuries FAQ's - Michigan

    Overview In Michigan, legal actions can be brought for personal injury whether serious or not. However, attorneys generally consider spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, amputations, sig

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  • Immigration Frequently Asked Questions - Michigan

    Overview Immigration law deals with the complicated, ever-changing laws controlling entry into the United States. Immigration lawyers help people deal with the processes that permit persons who are

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  • Consumer Bankruptcy Frequently Asked Questions - Michigan

    Overview Bankruptcy laws serve two main purposes. First, bankruptcy law may give creditors some payment on their debts. Second, bankruptcy law gives you a fresh start by canceling many of your debts

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