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Elias T. Xenos

About Elias Xenos

About me

I am the Founder and Managing Member of The Xenos Law Firm, PLC.  My fees and expenses are significantly lower than those charged by other attorneys who do similar work, because my operations do away with multi-tiered staffing and high overhead that burden traditional law firms.  I enjoy close referral relationships with accountants, appraisers, valuation experts, investigators, and other professionals in many fields, whom I call upon as needed to meet the specialized needs of my clients.

Unlike large law firms where work often funnels down to inexperienced associates, I am personally involved in every client matter. This means that regardless of the complexity, you will benefit from my legal experience and fine judgment

I prefer not to bill by the hour.  I am usually compensated for my services by flat fee, contingency fee, or other fee arrangement that ensures cost containment and predictability for my clients.

In my free time, I enjoy traveling and photography.  Check out my photos from Africa and my photos from Alaska.


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