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Mark Simpson Davis

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  • Do I have grounds to file a counter suit against a lawyer who wrongly filed a suit against me?

    I had a debt with a hospital. It was turned over to a lawyer, who threatened to sue if I didn't agree to a payment plan. I signed a contract with him to mail monthly payments. I did as described. Decembers pyment never reached him so he has su...

    Mark’s Answer

    Sadly, no. YOur "contract" with the hospital will favor the hospital and their agents, eg. their collection attorney. It will not give you rights to sue them nearly as much as for them to sue you. Court costs are normally awarded by judges based on this contract. The fact that your checks were not cashed should have been a warning to you that the payments were not made in a timely manner. I understand this is not the answer you want, but I recommend you pay the court costs and forget a countersuit.

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