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Jeffrey Allan Flores

About Jeffrey Flores

About me


The Flores Law Office consists of husband and wife attorneys, Jeff & Melanie Flores. After graduating from Law School in 1999 we were first admitted to practice in Minnesota.

After our daughter was born, we sought a better work-life balance. We knew and loved Madison, Indiana where Jeff has family. So, we moved to Madison where both our son, and the Flores Law Office were born in 2004.

We are a husband and wife team in every respect, from parenting to practicing law. We are as proud of The Flores Law Office, as we are of our children. Consequently, we're pretty choosey about the cases that we accept.


We want to make sure we are a good-fit for our clients. After-all, this is a personal service, and we form a bond with our client's. As a result, we have experienced no greater privilege than the work we do for them. 


We divide the work load with Jeff doing primarily Personal Injury, Criminal and Family Law, while Melanie is our resident expert and practitioner in Bankruptcy, Disability & Estate Planning. However, we collaborate on all of our files, and each of us are well versed in all the substantive areas in which we practice; from Personal Injury to Estate Planning.


Sincerely, Jeff & Melanie