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Leslie Dale Merkley

Leslie Merkley’s Legal Guides

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  • What are the types of child custody?

    Joint Custody With Joint Custody, you and your spouse continue to share in decision making regarding the children's education, religious training, medical treatment and the like on an equal basis. It

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  • How is child support calculated in Indiana?

    Child Support Orders The Indiana Supreme Court provides all the information and forms you need to do a rough calculation of child support obligations in your situation. See

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  • How does the court determine child custody and visitation in Indiana?

    Custody The most common custody arrangement selected by the court is with both parents having legal custody and one parent having primary physical custody. Joint custody means the parents work toget

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  • What is non-marital property in Indiana?

    Did you own it before marriage? The law will allow you or your spouse to attempt to overcome this presumption. Examples of non-marital property can include cars, boats, motorcycles, houses, real esta

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  • How will the court divide marital property in Indiana?

    What is marital property? In order for the court to make an equitable division of your marital property, it must first know what constitutes the marital property. Marital property is defined as all

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  • How does a spouse get maintenance?

    What is your standard of living? You must clearly understand that after your divorce, you and your spouse will not have as high a standard of living as you each had while married, especially if you a

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  • What are the grounds for divorce in Indiana?

    Who are the parties to the divorce? The correct terminology is an "action for dissolution". The people whose marriage is being dissolved are called the "parties". You will be either the Petitioner (t

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  • How is my retirement divided in a divorce?

    Marital vs. Non-marital retirement Marriage during all or part of the employee's tenure likely will make some or all of these funds marital in nature. Portions of the funds may be non-marital. A qu

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