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Franklin D. Julian Jr.

Franklin Julian’s Legal Cases

2 total

  • Daniel Robinson v. Timothy Becquart and Reaction Services

    Practice Area:
    Trucking accident
    Plaintiff's Verdict in the amount of $3,000,000
    This case involved a collision between two semi-tractors at a rest stop in South Bend, Indiana. The collision caused plaintiff to fall several feet onto an Igloo cooler from an upper bunk in the truck's sleeper. Defendant did not deny that the collision occurred, but stated that the Plaintiff was outside of his truck at the time of the collision and was guiding the Defendant into a parking spot. Plaintiff suffered injuries to his back that required multiple surgeries.
  • Valerie D. Snider v. Bryan Lee Stowell

    Practice Area:
    Motorcycle accident
    Jan 01, 2009
    Plaintiff's Verdict, $760,000
    Car versus motorcycle collision. Allstate attempted to admit liability at the last moment. Plaintiff wanted to enter evidence of "last minute admission" but court refused. Defense counsel later opened the door to this last minute admission coming into evidence. Client suffered back injury and might need a spinal fusion in the future. $24,000 in specials. Defendant attempted to claim that injury was minor and should have resolved in 4-6 weeks.